Lead Clinical Data Abstractor (Remote)

Remote   |   Contract

Reports to:  Data & Registry Site Manager

                    NCDR Registry Physician Liaison

                    Director, Carta Healthcare

Job Type: PT/PRN Remote


Job Summary:

The Lead Clinical Data Abstractor will oversee the collection of data, submission, quarterly tracking and annual audits of of the Junior Registry Data Abstractor for the Cardiovascular Registries.

Essential Functions:

  • Works closely with the Junior Clinical Data Abstractor to ensure completeness of required registry data fields for each assigned patient

  • Communicates with the Registry Site Manager regarding missing data elements and other registry related issues on a regular basis

  • Attend and participate in scheduled registry meetings as needed 

  • Works to support Junior Clinical Data Abstractor, Registry Site Manager, and Physicians collecting necessary data for Registry completeness 

  • Takes a multidisciplinary approach to reconcile discrepancies within the registry

  • Oversees and provides supervision to Junior Data Abstractor in quarterly submissions and yearly audits

  • Assist in completing registry data abstractions to meeting registry deadlines and client needs

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Supervision is provided by the Registry Physician Liaisons, Registry site manager, and Director of Carta Healthcare.  Other mechanisms of supervision used may be: 

  • Direct on-site, electronic or phone supervision by Directorship of Carta Healthcare and Registry Physician Liaisons 

  • Chart audits on random charts as an integral part of selected quality improvement programs. 

  • Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) through tracking of performance indicators. 

  • The Lead Data Abstractor will receive a formal annual performance evaluation by the Registry Physician Liaisons , Registry Site Manager, and Directorship from Carta Healthcare.

Minimum Qualifications 

Must have at least 1 year of previous experience in cardiovascular data registry processes including, but not limited to: Data abstraction and data entry, revision and implementation of institutional policy and procedural documentation and Standard Operating Procedures, a thorough understanding of quarterly submission criteria, annual audits, and Risk Models.

Other preferred qualifications 

  • Licensure as RN or Advanced Practice Provider

  • Proficiency in electronic medical records

  • Previous supervisory experience 

  • Detail oriented and be able to communicate effectively across multiple disciplines

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