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Are you driven to make an impact in healthcare? We believe that the path to better patient outcomes starts with more fulfilled, better utilized clinicians who are liberated to focus on their true calling, helping patients. At Carta, we design products that transform the way hospitals use data to deliver care. We make analyzing data fast, easy, and useful for everyone.

You love solving complex engineering problems by creating beautiful and accessible UI. You’re a positive individual whocultivates conceptual thinking and brings a curiosity and experimental approach to solving engineering challenges. You enjoy building new features and writing elegant code. If this describes you--you belong at Carta.

Why us:

  • We saved our first client $3M/year, now we are working with eight hospital chains. Started less than three years ago, so we've seen rapid growth. Our product line is applicable to virtually every hospital, so we have lots of growth ahead of us.
  • Our core platform does some really awesome stuff with NLP to build a rich knowledge graph that tells the story of a patient going through the health system. It solves a number of open data science challenges and could be easily applied outside of healthcare.
  • We have a really fantastic team of passionate and talented folks with deep backgrounds in healthcare, data science and engineering. For example, our CEO helped discover the Higgs Boson and ran the data platform team of Deepfield - an internet infrastructure company acquired by Nokia. He later attended Stanford's business school to study healthcare.

What you'll be doing…

You will be building and enhancing an already mature UI composed of the latest and greatest in the frontend ecosystem. Using React, redux, and thunks you’ll implement user-facing features that are serviced by Carta’s core platform - a robust set of AI and data science tools that drive impactful insights to our customers. 

A typical day at Carta might consist of:

  • Building a beautiful client-side visualization to display portions of our graph database
  • Collaboration with our data scientists to extract key metrics with which to drive our client-facing apps
  • Performing quality assurance to already existing features to improve their usability 

A few things about you


Deep experience with React and Redux - not just for globalizing pieces of sharable data but as a general client-side storage mechanism. When you see API data in a component’s local state, you worry about scalability and MVC overlaps.  You red heart JavaScript - it’s robustness, speed, nuances, and capabilities. 

You have built several products that taught you the latest in syntax, best practices, and performance. You’re comfortable building features without component libraries to meet pixel perfect designs. You have a passion for solving complex problems and are motivated to improve healthcare. You enjoy collaborating, learning from, and teaching others to improve engineering culture. You assume good intent in others, and actively do your part to make a positive work environment. 


  • Regular open-source contributors
  • Experience writing JavaScript on several runtimes
  • Data visualization experience
  • Design capability and a passion for high quality UX

Carta is an equal opportunity employer with a collaborative culture.

Excited to talk to you!

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